No refund nor credit of the domain name registration fee will be offered in the instance where the Registrant submitted a misspelled domain name for registration. The Registrant will have to register the correctly spelled domain name at the cost of a new domain name registration.
2. The payment for a domain name's registration are non-refundable and no credit will be offered as the newly registered domain name will already be taken up in the WHOIS database where it will be stored for a period of one year.
3. The Registrar shall be indemnified and held harmless i.e. not be liable to the Registrant nor to any associated party for damages, incidental or consequential, of any nature whatsoever especially if the Registrant were found to be using a domain name or web content that infringes on any rights of any person, institution or company.
4. The Registrant must ensure that payment for the annual domain name renewal fees must reach the Registrar prior to the domain name's actual expiry date. Failing to do so might result in associated services such as emails and web site going offline when domain name gets suspended, ultimately cancelled and offered for re-registration.
5. Only the Registrant is authorized to make use of the registered domain name and written notice of no less than 20 ordinary working days is required to terminate the domain name on record.